a·plas·tic a·ne·mi·a/āˈplastik əˈnēmēə/

Noun: Deficiency of all types of blood cells caused by failure of bone marrow development

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 180 - 6 months post transplant

Well I've made it to my 2nd goal - 6 months post transplant!  Things couldn't be going any better either!  No signs of GVHD, labs are good, no significant symptoms and my hair is really starting to grow in.  My biggest complaint is that I am still tired a lot.  I can be doing just normal daily stuff and get exhausted in no time.  The past couple of days have been pretty bad, but I know eventually I will bounce back.  I got another bone marrow biopsy done today and it went really good.  I love Julie, the NP that does them at KU.  I wish I could take her with me to DC.

I contacted Johns Hopkins and Dr. Brodsky is willing to accept me as a patient.  I'm very excited about being able to get treated at one of the best facilities in the nation.  I just hope that he is personable and has good bedside manner.  I have spoken to his nurse a couple of times and she seems very "to the point."   I think I am going to like that about her.  So if anyone knows anything about Dr. Brodsky, please let me know!  You can contact me through a private message if you want at andrya79@hotmail.com or andrya.deghelder@gmail.com.

Kellan is really trying hard to crawl.  We have finally got him doing the army crawl really well.  He is moving around on his feet well too.  He can hold on to the table and reach down to grab a toy.  He can move around the table by himself.  He is just growing up so fast!

It looks like my move is being postponed for about a week.  Our household goods can't be delivered until January 31st, so we want to make sure the house is mostly unpacked before I get there.  I don't want to be around all the dust and stuff from unpacking.

Please spread the word about donations and any ideas for fundraising.  I sent in my first reimbursement forms this weekend and our funds don't cover it all.  In this tough economy, I realize it is hard to spare anything, but even $5 covers a month of a prescription.

Thanks for everyone for taking the time to read and follow my blog.  I have heard so many people tell me about how it makes them feel and that only makes me feel that much stronger.  Even though I am doing well, I still have a long way to go for full recovery and your personal responses really make a difference.

Thank you for keeping me and my family in your prayers and thoughts. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Things are going well!

Sorry for it being such a long time since my last post.  I didn't have computer access.  But, as the doctor's always say, no news is good news.  That is the case for me!  I have had perfect labs for the last couple of weeks.  I got a minor cold that is taking forever to go away and it really knocked me out yesterday.  It is getting better, they put me on a z-pack and upped my anti-viral meds.  Other than that, we had a good new year and looking forward to continued good lab reports!

My move is scheduled for 01FEB12.  We are moving to Odenton, MD which is near Fort Meade.  I have not yet decided on the treatment facility.  I will be speaking with Johns Hopkins tomorrow to find out if they will accept me as a patient.  I have been told that they will only take pre-transplant new patients.  If not, I can go to the University of Maryland.  Either way, I have heard good things about both of them. 

Kellan is growing like a weed.  He was 24 lbs on his 9 month visit.  He still isn't crawling or walking, but it is coming soon.  He pulls himself up and now says mama and dada.  We are trying to teach him to wave bye-bye too, but that isn't going to well.  His favorite thing to do is go swimming in the bathtub on his back and drink the bath water and eat the soap bubbles. 

My 6 month visit is coming up, I have nothing but high hopes for it!

Thanks for everyone's help, prayers and thoughts.  I especially want to thank Trisha Henke for watching Kellan during my doctor's visits.