a·plas·tic a·ne·mi·a/āˈplastik əˈnēmēə/

Noun: Deficiency of all types of blood cells caused by failure of bone marrow development

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Transfer and Move Update

I finally made it to the DC area.  I really like our new place and Kellan and I seem to be settling in well.  I met with Dr. Brodsky yesterday at Johns Hopkins.  I like him a whole lot better than my doctors at KU.  He seems more intelligent and works with a whole lot of more aplastic anemia patients.  In fact, he doesn't think that I had MDS at all, but I have to send him my labs into him for him to see.  I was going to KU every 1-2 weeks for follow up and Dr. Brodsky wants to see me in 3 months!  You don't know how that made my day!  He told me that I have a very small chance of getting GVHD or having any problems with my transplant.  My outlook is good and he said that I will probably get to live out my life just like someone who never had aplastic anemia!

My Day 180 results were all good too.  My marrow is still 100% my brothers and my labs are all good.  I seem to be gaining some weight back too, even though I don't want to.  Dr. Brodsky says that it is most likely due to my menopausal state.

So overall, I'm pretty happy with the move, transition in care and and my overall health!

I will continue to update my blog, but probably not as often anymore.  I am going to write a case study about the importance of understanding patients' personal lives/circumstances and educating caregivers.  I hope to get it published in one of the medical journals.

Thanks for everyone's continued support and prayers!